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Wire vs. Plastic Cages

Posted by Taylia on Mar 28, 2018 in Latest News

Today’s wire cages offer convenience and versatile features that usually make them a better choice for most pet owners and veterinarians!


If you’re a veterinarian, or an owner of a pet wanting to find out more about the cages you’ve seen in your local vets, we have just the details you need to know!

Improved Protection:

If you’re a pet owner, cages can be a great protection layer between your pet and your furniture! As they are getting used to their new surroundings they’ll be curious to find out about the objects in your home; dogs explore their new surroundings by chewing things and while cats scratch surrounding items to get accustomed to their new environment!

Seamless Transportation:

Cages are also ideal for when travelling! There’s nothing worse than having your pet down by your feet when you’re driving. Using a cage is a safe and easy way to control them in such a small environment.

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Enables Animal Monitoring:

The uncontrollable behaviour from your pet can easily be monitored and reduced through the use of a cage. The enclosure can keep them from forming bad habits. You may think that this would mean your pet could become resentful to the cage. If used and introduced correctly, they are more likely going to consider it as a private, hideaway place!

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Better Flexibility:

Many wire cages are collapsible, fold and carry styles, making them easier to store and transport. A plastic pet crate generally won’t break down as completely as a wire cage and cannot fold flat.

While the right-sized cage may seem too confining or too small to you, it is not for the animal you’re taking care of. The right size cage for a dog is for it to be able to can lie down, turn around, and have three to four inches of extra head space when sitting or standing.

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Easy to Clean

Wire cages are easier to clean, particularly the ones with the new, seamless-style polyethene floor pans. Many also feature a sliding tray for accidents, making clean-up easier. Unlike a wire crate, the materials in a plastic crate can collect odours over time. This can make it more difficult to keep the crate clean. Using wire cages in your veterinary practice, compared to plastic cages, would save you time, in terms of when it comes to clean them!

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Enhanced Ventilation:

Wire cages also offer better ventilation, perfect for the animals because they’re not getting overheated, compared to plastic cages that offer less ventilation and air movement. The increased insulation a plastic crate offers comes at the expense of reduced air circulation. If you work in a hotter environment, the animals you care for may not appreciate the excess heat trapped by their crateCat, Animal, Cage,JW Lister, Wirework, Plastic, Wire, Wire vs. Plastic, Pets

Increased Visibility:

Wire cages provide better visibility for the animals you’re taking care of. This high visibility is also ideal for a veterinary practice. It allows you to quickly see and check on the animals in your care. Although plastic crates give animals more privacy, it can also be a disadvantage if the animal is a busy-body. Often puppies will whine in their crate if they feel isolated. This condition can be intensified by the confined space of a plastic crate.

Some wire cages have gaps between the bars on the bottom that may be too big for smaller pets. They may not be able to set their paws down comfortably. You can easily overcome this by simply putting a mat/some form of bedding in the cage, making it more comfortable for the animal in your care!

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We sell a range of different sized plastic coated wire cages, suitable for all animals. We’re always open to designing and making different styles to suit your needs, or different dimensions to fit your veterinary.

You can call us on 01484 712925 to discuss what you need and what we can offer!