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Wire Dump Bins: Which to Choose and Where to Place

Posted by Taylia on Jan 29, 2018 in Latest News

Wire Dump Bins are one of the favourites when it comes to displaying products in retail! They can be placed strategically around shops floors to catch customers attention.


Generally, when customers enter a store, they usually turn right (unless there is a one-way system to the store). This is a good opportunity to showcase more valuable items, or products that are on offer in Wire Dump Bins.

This handy product display can be placed as soon as customers enter the shop floor. This means that they will walk around it and catch a glimpse of what you’re selling. Our Collapsible Dump Bin, shown below, is a fantastic product for this use of display!

wirework wholesale dump bin

Dimensions 430 x 430 x 630 mm

Another way to use Wire Dump Bins to their full advantage is to put the most consumable products in them. Then place the Wire Bin at the back of the store. This then means customers must walk past other, more valuable products. By doing this, there’s a high change they will pick up something else. For this use of display, our Stackable Dump Bin would be ideal!

 wirework wholesale stack box

Dimensions 980 x 450 x 300 mm

A product we would recommend buying with the above Wire Bin, are our plastic-coated Dump Bin Dividers! They are beneficial as they allow you, as retailers, to showcase as many different products as you desire in one place!

Wholesale Bin Divider

A good use for our Wire Bins is for discounted products. If customers see a Wire Bin, such as our Collapsible Dump Bin along with a big “New”, “Discount” or “Sale” sign, the chances are very high that it’s going to grab their attention as they are separate from other products in their own display.

As well as using our Wire Dump Bins for discounted products, they can be used for promoting products! It’s a good opportunity to use Wire Bins to showcase School Shirts, Shoes, Jumpers and Pants, especially around the “Back to School”, time of year!

It’s a great opportunity to use Wire Bins to sell sweets and pop, as again, they are separate from other products in-store and they instantly catch customers’ eyes!

The tills is another part of a store that’s a good place for Wire Dump Bins. As well as having them below the front of the tills, as these then become impulse sales for customers.  Don’t forget to position of the Bins in a location that doesn’t obstruct or disrupt customers!

Our SML Stacker would be ideal for that prime position in front of the counter as you can stack as many as you desire, dependant on how high the till counter is.

For the queue area, these again would be a great Dump Bin to use. As well as our Collapsible Dump Bin as they are an easy reach as well as being very accessible.

wirework wholesale stackers

Dimensions 711 x 559 x 508 mm