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Welding Wire to Create Baking Trays, Wire Baskets & Panels

Posted by Jayna on Nov 26, 2018 in Latest News

At JW Lister Ltd we have a rich history of designing and manufacturing a range of wholesale wire products for the veterinary, motor home and caravan, retail and catering industries. In fact, our extensive experience has enabled us to perfect our technique allowing us to produce custom products, such as our Custom Wire Panels.

Our wire panels can be custom fit with an attractive bright chrome finish and are ideal for retailers looking to display items or perfect for cold storage applications.

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According to the Federation of Bakers (FoB), the UK Bakery Market is worth £3.6 billion a year. Indeed, 96.7% of UK households buy Wrapped Bread and the average household purchases 60.3 loaves and spends on average £54.41 each year on Bread.

We mentioned above that we enjoy catering for the growing catering industry (pardon the pun!) The high-quality stackable baking trays in chrome finish we produce are available in dimensions of  600 × 400 × 45mm and make a practical addition to any professional kitchen’s collection of baking equipment.

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How to Clean Baking Trays?

General wear and tear can detract from the bright chrome finish of our high-standard baking trays, and cleaning them can be a challenge for any catering professional.

To clean wire cooling racks and trays Cook’s Illustrated advises squeezing some humble washing up-liquid onto the baking sheet and immersing it in warm water. Following extensive soaking, any stubborn food particles should become easily dislodged.

Simply proceed to scrub the rack gently in the direction in which the wires run, crosswise on the top and, on the underside, be sure to scrub lengthwise for maximum effect.

Smart Storage Solutions

Moving on from the catering industry, our Small and Large Under Bed Baskets are designed for keeping items tucked discretely away so caravans and motorhomes remain the clutter-free paradise they’re intended to be.

Our Small Chrome Plates Basket measures 590 × 590 × 215mm, whilst our handy Large Under Bed Storage Basket measures 790 × 590 × 215mm. Both boast an attractive bright chrome finish, neutral to complement any decor or colour scheme. With smart storage driving the design, both baskets allow for convenient storage without demanding that precious caravan or motorhome space be sacrificed.

Large Under Bed Basket, wire welding, storage, motorhomes, caravans

How Are Wire Mesh Panels & Trays Made?

Welded wire mesh consists of rows and columns of parallel wires that intersect. These rows and columns of wires are welded together at the intersection points.

Once the wire has been reduced to the size of the design specification, it is fed into a machine which welds the multiple rows of wire together at the intersection points. A parallel line of welds is produced where the perpendicular lines meet at the same time as the mesh is fed into the machine. Next, the following intersection of wires is fed through the machine to be welded and this process repeats, joining more and more rows of wires together.

The machine used typically welds the wires using electrical resistance as the heat source, which is very economical. Once the mesh has reached the intended length it is cut to create flat and rigid welded wire mesh.

At JW Lister we use CNC (Computer Numerical Control) wire welding, cutting, straightening and 2D and 3D forming, which ensures efficiency and precision.