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Get Your Hotel Rooms Ready for the Summer Season

Posted by Taylia on Jun 20, 2018 in Latest News

It’s approaching the peak time for holidays and hotel owners will be wanting their rooms organised and ready for guests arriving!

Take a look at the wholesale products that we manufacture from our 33,000 sq foot factory in the heart of West Yorkshire, to see how they can help optimise and organise accomodation and hospitality space!

Get your hotel rooms ready for summer season with our Hair Dryer Holders!

They can be mounted on to walls, so if they’re being used in hotel rooms they can utilise the wall as storage. They can also be useful on the inside of cupboard doors, if you are looking for solutions to optimise space.Hotel Rooms ready for Summer, hair dryer holder

Our smart and practical Garment Hangers! can also help you prepare your guests’ rooms for holiday season:

Our garment hangers can either be captive or have a hook and they are an ideal purchase for hotels and B&B’s (as well as retail stores). Due to their continuous wired shape, once installed in a wardrobe or clothing rail they cannot be easily removed without the rail being dismantled. These types of hangers have become a vital and popular choice with hotel owners as they stop the constant need to keep replacing stolen hangers.
garment hangers, Hotel Rooms ready for Summer

Why not get your hotel rooms ready for summer guests with our Under-bed Baskets?

They are perfect for hotel rooms, offering handy storage without sacrificing any space. Ideal for storing small bits, such as extra bedding and towels, they keep hotel rooms organised and clutter free.Hotel Rooms ready for Summer, Under-Bed Basket

Prepare your hotel rooms for the summer rush with our Shower Caddies!

They’re an ideal solution for organising the shower space in en-suites and bathrooms in hotels and B&B’s. Perfect for displaying complimentary shower gels and shampoos to guests, making it feel like a home away from home!your Hotel Rooms ready for Summer, shower caddy

Get your hotel rooms ready for summer with our Wall Racks!

They can be mounted on to doors as well as curved and non-curved walls. Our wall racks can be used for many different purposes in hotel rooms, from in the bathroom to in the hotel room itself! Our Wall Racks are also ideal for keeping toiletries in one place or even as a form of wall storage for keys, wallet, watches or any other small accessories that guests may have.hotel rooms ready for summer, Wall Rack

All our products can be supplied self-colour or in a variety of finishes including zinc plate in bright colour, bright chrome plate, epoxy powder coat or plastic coat

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