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We Have What Your Sink Is Missing

Posted by Jayna on Jan 14, 2016 in Latest News

Phew! You can breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve installed the perfect sink to complement the kitchen in your catering business.

It may boast practical features such as a spacious washing bowl, or a main wash bowl accompanied by another half wash bowl if you fancied extra space.

The new addition to your business’ kitchen might possess a sleek stainless steel finish, which is dead easy to keep clean and is fused with hard-wearing properties.

Maybe your new sink is unique in style, coming in a special curved corner design?

Perhaps you’re really pleased with your new kitchen installation as it’s made of granite, resilient against heat and stains?

You may love the new colour of your catering company’s sink, a smart black or maybe it was the accompanying handy waste disposal unit that sold it to you.

It might have been the innovative properties of the sink that caught your eye- such as it being coated on the back, a treatment which serves to dull the sound of running tap water hitting the bowl, also functioning to insulate the sink to keep your bubbly washing up water hotter for longer. By coming with this treat, your sink may boast energy saving properties.

Either way a sink is the focal point in any kitchen. In an office, it’s where colleagues might gather to chat while their co-workers wash and dry up on a lunch break. At home, it’s the place you encourage your kids to help do their first chore at home when they’re young, while you catch up and talk about what they did at school that day. And if your run a catering business, it’s where pots, pans and cutlery have to be cleaned to perfection and sterilised to adhere to health and safety demands of the industry and speedily washed to meet the demands of a busy culinary business.

So why not treat your new sink by investing in exquisite sink accessories from JW Lister?

We are proud to offer a wide range of sink bowl baskets and plate drainers, that are infused with a wealth of durable and anti-rust qualities, designed to fit all shapes and sizes of kitchen fixtures. Our Universal 1.5 Bowl Sink Basket (below) is a practical size of 392 x 310 x 150 mm and comes with the colour options of plastic coated finish, silver, white and cream, though other colours are available upon request, giving you the freedom to choose. Our Universal 1.0 Bowl Sink Basket has similar benefits, available in a generous size of 396 x 376 x 145 mm.

JW Lister, wirework, universal bowl sink basket

Freedom to choose: A wide range of colours are available.

If it’s a half bowl strainer basket your business is after then look no further than our 288 x 144 x 95 mm?strainer basket(below). It too is sold in a choice of a plastic coated finish, silver, white and cream or other colours by request to suit your tastes and kitchen decor.

JW Lister, wirework, half bowl strainer basket, sinks

Half a bowl but double handy! Our durable Half Bowl Stainer Basket.

Maybe our Octagonal Sink Basket (below) tickles your fancy? Available in an elegant chrome finish, you can fit plenty inside with it being a roomy 372 mm in diameter, making it the perfect kitchen accessory.

img class=”size-full wp-image-1338″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/octagonal-sink-basket.jpg” alt=”Octagonal Sink Basket, sink, JW Lister, Wirework ” width=”580″ height=”417″ /> Different style, same JW Lister quality- our Octagonal Skin Basket.

Why not invest in our Drainer Baskets (below) for sink tops. At 415 x 345 x 85 mm it can helpfully hold up to 10 plates whilst they dry and comes in either a plastic coated finish, silver, white and cream or other bespoke colours if requested. Alternatively, you may prefer our sink basket with an integrated plate rack, also available in a wide choice of customisable colours.

Drainer Basket, sink, kitchen, JW Lister, Wirework

It’s like watching plates dry…our Drainer Basket can hold up to ten plates.

To accessorize your catering company’s sink, in order to optimise it to its full potential, call wholesaler JW Lister today on 01484 712925 or email: sales@jwlister.co.uk to find out more about our products.