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Is Your Point of Sale on Point?

Posted by Jayna on Apr 20, 2017 in Latest News

There’s always some element of waiting at the point of sale. Maybe customers are making a decision on what to buy, maybe there’s a queue, or maybe there are some final questions before making a purchase. All this activity means that your customers spend a lot of time near the till. What a marketing opportunity!

Around your till you can strengthen your brand, encourage impulse sales, or shift your overstock. In short, important marketing objectives can be fulfilled even at the very end of your customer’s buying journey.

Why should you think about point-of-sale marketing?

Your point of sale is often the highest traffic area of your store. Not only this, but your customers are about to make a purchase, so they’re qualified buyers ready to spend their hard-earned cash at your business. These people are your loyal customers in waiting.

Point-of-sale marketing encompasses the strategies that will help you to perform specific marketing objectives that centre around the till area.

Common objectives include:

  • Increasing transaction value
  • Building your brand
  • Highlighting a profitable line
  • Giving visibility to new products
  • Shifting overstock
  • Offering seasonal items


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