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Point of Sale Display Stands

Posted by Taylia on Dec 20, 2018 in Latest News

If you’re a retailer here are a few reasons why you should always be thinking about point of sale display stands:

Point of sale display stands are designed to catch the attention of shoppers, and ultimately increase sales by selling products in point of sale display stands as the items displayed catch customers’ attention and shoppers can simply help themselves to what you’re offering. They’re convenient, powerful and unmissable.

Counter Displays

A good type of point of sale displays that facilitate impulse buys are counter displays, which we, in fact, wholesale to retailers. They are typically small, as they have to fit on the counter and mustn’t block line-of-sight between the clerk and the customer.



POS counter displays are commonly seen in retail, such as:

Supermarkets. They are commonly placed between the checkouts and can be used to feature products such as drinks, snacks, magazines, chewing gum and batteries. It’s found that these products near the tills move 1.5 to 3 times faster than the same product on the isles of the shop.

Clothes shop.  The point of sale displays at the checkout in clothes shops tend to feature gift cards, end of line jewellery, socks, nail polish and cups/mugs.

Toyshop.  There are usually small toy items, such as keyrings, cars, lego and toy cards, as well as gift cards and catalogues that make an appearance on toy shop countertop displays.

Fast-food restaurants. These displays usually feature gift cards, as well as deserts, cookies and muffins etc.

Newsagents and Petrol Stations. The point of sale displays at the tills in newsagents tend to carry kids toys, such as football cards, keyrings, lottery tickets, chewing gum and sweets/chocolate as well as a lot of local advertising.

Why Should Retailers Use Point of Sale Displays?

    1. Point of sale display stands are effective: Around 7 in 10 purchases are not planned and are instead decided and made in-store. This is because most people go into shops to browse and are then influenced by displays and marketing techniques. This shows that, when combined with successful marketing, POS is effective and persuasive in resulting in selling and tapping into the impulses of shoppers.
    2. They’re a great form of point of sale display stands, and an effective tool, to help launch new products in stores. They ensure products stand out from current stock, as they have their own pride of place of which all customers will see (and hopefully) be curious to see what’s new!
  1. These types of displays aim to disrupt the shopper by grabbing their attention. They are also beneficial for seasonal events, such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas as they allow retailers to temporarily change their shopper’s environment and to highlight seasonal products.

All Point of Display stands are ideal for tactical approaches. This includes when retailers sell products that are either coming to the end of the line, such as displaying Easter Eggs at the end of April/beginning of May or when there is no longer a high demand for them.

Our range of Wire Dump Bins and Point of Sale display stands are ideal if you’re a retailer, as they are products that mostly all retailers have an interest in, as their main function is to sell.