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Pamper the Pets in Your Care With Our Pens and Carriers

Posted by Jayna on Dec 22, 2015 in Latest News

Most of us don’t like seeing animals cooped up in cages. But sometimes our pets need to get from A to B, like the vet’s if they’re ill. And sometimes they just need to stay safe while you’re out. Here at JW Lister, we prioritise animal comfort and safety when making and wholesaling our made-to-order wire cages. We want you to have peace of mind when it comes to your furry friends.


Crafted with a fusion of trade excellence and durable high quality, our plastic-coated wire animal carriers, cat baskets, dog kennels and pens are very handy for transporting and protecting household pets whilst travelling, or for keeping them secure overnight whilst they rest and recover.

Our animal baskets come in a diverse array of shapes and sizes to suit many species of animal or pet. They provide a spacious mode of transport ensuring the contentment of your pet or patient on any journey. A welcome bonus if they’re ill and you’re treating them. Similarly, our animal pens are reliable and safe to use in veterinary surgeries while they recover or await treatment. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

Pet Cage, wire work, JW Lister, pets, animals

Customise: Vets and pet owners can choose colours and sizes to suit their tastes and needs.


We will tailor the size to your business’s needs and the colours to your taste. Our plastic-coated pet cages are one such product, available in a rich variety of colours and sized 18 x 12 x 12″, 20 x 16 x 16″, 24 x 12 x 12″, or possibly a bespoke size of your choice, giving you plenty of options.

It’s not just the furry pets that we cater for, but the feathery kind too! Our Collapsible Bird Show Cage comprises of three roomy compartments separated by a choice of wire/sheet-metal dividers or smart sliding gates. This useful product comes in a bright zinc plate for a stylish finish at 54 x 18 x 18″, guaranteeing the comfort of your avian pet or patient.

Collapsible Bird Show Cage, birds, pets, animals, JW Lister, Wire work

Spacious: Our Collapsible Bird Show Cage has the compartments for your bird to stretch its wings.

So whether it’s a carrier, container, or pen you’re looking for for your special feline friend, furry companion, man’s best friend or bird that you’re nursing back to health, we know that a pet is often a member of the family. We promise our baskets and pens will fulfil its safety and comfort needs. If you’re a vet, we also know the importance of you upholding the highest professional standards. Our cages and pens are all suitable for veterinary surgeries.

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