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Do Newspapers Still Have Value in 2018?

Posted by Jayna on Aug 21, 2018 in Latest News

With the prevalence of smartphones, social media and the internet, the claim ‘newspapers are dying out’ isn’t new. Many of us simply find it easier to look online for the news of the day. As a supplier of newspaper stands, we can’t help being curious. What place do newspapers have, if any, in today’s modern technological world?

Online news channels are quickly and easily accessible on the go, via portable devices like smartphones and tablets. They also offer an abundance of choice tailored to your interests. However, Magforum reports that the UK’s newspaper industry is unique in how many national newspapers are distributed every day.

wirework wholesale waterfall news stand, newspaper standAccording to the website, there were 11 national daily newspapers in March 2016 and 9 publications distributed on Sundays. In terms of daily sales, newspapers fell by about 4% a year 2005–2017, from 11.6 million copies to 5.5 million. However, the number of national newspapers still publishing copies each day shows they’re still a valuable medium in UK society.

Local newspapers are still withstanding the rise in competition from online news outlets with Johnston Press PLC stating that 30.9 million people read a local newspaper every week in Britain, making it the most widely read print medium in the country.

4 Benefits of Newspapers … Even in 2018

1. Trustworthy

According to Johnston Press, local newspapers are twice as trusted than any other media channel in the UK. When it comes to local news, we often trust them considerably more than Facebook. In a world where anyone can be a journalist and publish news to social media, potentially reaching millions without verifying the facts, newspapers written by professionals still hold a lot of credibility.

2. Community

Whether it’s seeing your children’s prom photos featured in the local paper as they leave secondary school, or following relevant news and the progress of your favourite sports teams, newspapers remain a vital asset to any community.

3. Accessible

There are 11.8 million people aged 65 and above in the UK according to Age UK. That’s 11.8 million people who grew up with newspapers and without the internet. 11.8 million people who may not be computer literate but can easily access a newspaper by purchasing it from their local shop, newsagent or supermarket.

4. Easy on the Eyes

For office-based professionals who spend all day looking at a screen, newspapers can make a nice change.

wirework wholesale news stand, newspaper standAs trustworthy, valuable community focal points and a medium that the ageing British population is accustomed to, it’s no wonder newspapers are still commonplace in shops, petrol stations and superstores.

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