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CNC Machines: Helping Us Make Wire Work

Posted by Jordan on Oct 29, 2018 in Latest News

Here at JW Lister, we have been making wire products since 1889. Up to today, we’ve come a long way with our techniques. For example, where wire joints used to be knotted, our products are now spot welded. The biggest advancement, however, has to be the use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC). With CNC machines, our wire products are easier than ever to produce. It’s safe to say our wirework is more accurate and efficient than it used to be.

We can control CNC machines by means of a computer and CAD / CAM software. The first numerical control (NC) machines date way back to the 1940s and 1950s. But in those days, they still used punched tape to control them. Eventually, the use of computers created the CNC tools we know and love. Today, wireworkers can use them to make music with our wire.

Making music with wire using CNC machines.

CNC wire benders — how do they work?

These machines use either one or two “bending heads”. As wire is fed into a bending head, it rotates clockwise or anticlockwise to bend the wire. The use of CNC programs the bending heads to produce the exact angles and shapes you need.

Here’s a video of some CNC wire bending in action:

Some machines only bend wire into two-dimensional shapes, but others are capable of three dimensions. As the above video shows, some machines are also equipped for cutting wire, once they have used enough of it, whilst others are not.

As for our wirework tools…

Well, our CNC machines offer cutting and 3D forming as well as 2D. They are also equipped for straightening and welding, so there is very little they can’t do. As you can see in our products, our CNC machinery turns wire into all kinds of helpful items.

JW Lister's products made with CNC machines.

Computer Numerical Control makes wirework easier than ever, meaning we can create so many designs quickly and efficiently. We also offer bespoke wholesale products shaped to the design you prefer.

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