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Create More Space in Your Caravan or Motorhome

Posted by Jayna on May 25, 2017 in Latest News

A caravan is your home away from home, which means, when you go on holiday, it’s tempting to load it with everything but the kitchen sink (luckily, many caravans are equipped with a kitchen sink). And if you’re packing at the last minute, there’s every chance the caravan will be even more cluttered.

Therefore, you need to think about ways to maximise your space and minimise the clutter. It’s time to give your caravan some space – not only for when you’re on the road but also for when you’re at your summer holidays destination.

If you own a caravan park, you need to think about your customer’s needs- families are more likely to come back year after year if your caravans are spacious but still have everything they’d need. Luckily, you can buy from us in bulk, kitting out all your caravans at once and minimising stress!

Here are our top caravan storage tips to take note of before your next road trip!

1. Invest in collapsible products

Get your mitts on collapsible, fold out, or pop-up products, sometimes for the price of a takeaway latte. Items such as tabletop ironing boards, collapsible or pop-up laundry hampers, clotheshorses, and the like are great space-saving solutions for your caravan. Furthermore, drawer dividers and utensil trays are other handy products that will save you clutter.

2. Buy hooks for inside your caravan

Hanging items from hooks, such as cooking utensils, keys, coats, ironing boards and much more are not only great for saving space in your caravan but it’s a practical addition that allows you to easily locate items with ease. Our wire hooks can be made to fit your specifications and are stylish to boot! Take a look here.

3. Invest in baskets, trays, and cubbies

These are useful for stacking, keeping organised, and taking up a lot less space. Not to mention they look modern and can be tailor-made to fit perfectly. Take a look at our range here.

4. Invest in magnetic strips

Where are the scissors when you need them? On the wall. That’s right – they’re sticking really close to the wall-mounted magnet strips you have in your caravan. In addition to allowing you to know the whereabouts of these objects with the utmost of ease, magnetic strips are also great for keeping knives in a secure location.

We hope these tips are helpful for the holiday season coming up! If you need any help or want to enquire after any products, contact us!