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Treat Your Kitchen To Some Helpful Storage

Posted by Jayna-Pivotal on Dec 16, 2015 in Latest News

Wire and tubing products are such a multipurpose key ingredient or accessory to bigger kitchen products, the finishing piece to a puzzle or bigger picture if you will, that they serve a variety of industries. One such sector is the catering industry and oven manufacturers.

Our Baking Tray is a prime example. Available in a chrome finish, boasting a good size at 600 x 400 x 45 mm they are easy to stack, safe to use and a necessary must-have for any professional kitchen.


JW Lister, baking tray

Ideal: Our Baking Trays are smart, stack-able and safe.


We can also fashion the most convenient kitchen storage products perfect for keeping those all important ingredients and spices in their proper place adding an air of order to any busy kitchen.

Our sleek Single Bottle Rack is 390mm wide and comes with the option of either a plastic or attractive chrome finish. Guaranteeing quality, the rack will definitely keep all bottles in industrial kitchens neat and tidy.

Alternatively, why not go all out and invest in our handy tiered racks which have space to store bottles and spices, ideal for larger kitchens where bigger catering operations take place regularly?

We are proud to offer both a Two Tier Wire Spice Rack and Bottle Rack available at a modest 390 x 390 x 55mm and a four tier Spice Rack Wire Spice Rack and Bottle Rack at a spacious 500 x 390 x 55mm to suit your preferences and tailor to your catering needs. Both come with the choice of a plastic or chrome finish.


Wire Bottle Rack, Wire Spice Rack, JW Lister

All Purposes: Our Spice and Bottle racks are perfect for keeping your bottles and spices in order.


Also available in two sizes is our smart 4 Lipped Vegetable Baskets which are sold in two sizes: either 120mm shallow or a deeper 200mm deep- roomy enough to store a variety of veg!

Usefully, like all our products in our Lipped Basket Range, the Vegetable Baskets are complemented by our white moulded plastic runners, which we strongly encourage you to buy as an accompaniment to the basket.


wirework, JW Lister, Vegetable Lister

Healthy: Our Vegetable Basket will make a healthy addition to any industrial kitchen.


Whatever your kitchen storage needs, we can help, offering bespoke customize products upon request, if possible. Get in touch on: 01484 712925 or email us: to discuss how we can treat your kitchen to some helpful storage.